Well, here is the little video I made for Stake Youth Conference.... the workshop I was asked to present was on Texting and the dangers that can come from it. This is low-resolution for posting so it is pixelated. It was fun to make...enjoy!


  1. So this is why you haven't been posting. Your a movie director/Iron Man now. Well, good for you.

    When I first started watching it I thought the dangers of texting were of a immoral nature.I automatically went there since it was for the youth. I was interested in seeing how you were going to tie immoral texts and Iron Man together. Furthermore, I was even more interested in finding out what kind of immoral things happen with texts. I thought I was missing out on something.

    Nice video! How did you do it? What program, etc. Very Good Job! I think you have a great shot at a Golden Globe.

  2. I'm with bryan. I thought you were going to show the immoral dangers of texting... or as it is more commonly referred to... "sexting."

    But...you didn't. I do know now that things could be destroyed if I text. Not my eternal world... but Iron Man style. I can't thank you enough!

  3. The whole workshop was about appropriate texting vs. sexting etc etc. I showed this video at the very end to leave the kids laughing as they went on to the next workshop. I wanted them to think, "I will not send naked pictures to a friend but also thinking "Brother Thompson is a pretty cool guy!"

  4. You may have gone too far with the coolness factor. I almost sent you a naked pic of myself after that video.